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About The Great Himalaya Trail:

The Great Himalaya Trail is ~900mi long and runs the length of Nepal through the Himalayas. As you can see in the attached photo, there is a low and high route to choose from. I will be doing a modified high route with the goal of doing as much of the high route as possible, but dropping down and around the high passes that require mountaineering skills. The trip should take about 3 months to complete with plenty of challenges both physically and mentally. Weather will run the full spectrum and altitude will be a challenge as well. The high point I hope to reach should be 18,8881ft. This hike will be unlike any other I’ve attempted, and will be quite the journey!

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 16lbs. 7.1oz (17lbs, 14oz w/ice axe and crampons)


Before The Hike

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During The Hike

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After The Hike

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