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I got to go on a great hike in the Gorge with Balls and Sunshine today. Since they had hiked the official PCT, we took Sunshine to see Eagle Creek (a popular alternate route) for the first time. It was an awesome day for a hike and it was great to catch up with Balls and Sunshine.

Tunnel Falls along the Eagle Creek Trail

We ended up doing a 17mi loop trail that took us up on to Benson Plateau and we hiked on the PCT for a bit.

Ahh, home on the PCT:)

It was my first big hike since being off the trail and it was a perfect day in the Gorge. I can never get tired of scenes like these.

The sun’s rays along Benson Plateau

At the end of our hike, I was able to do a brief interview with Sunshine and Balls that I thought everyone would enjoy. Here is the video below…

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