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Upcoming Presentations:
*Feb 9th: AT Presentation at REI Tualatin (register HERE) 6:30pm
*Feb 23rd: AT Presentation at REI Hillsboro (register HERE) 6:30pm
*I will be announcing my 2015 hiking plans in December…pretty excited about what’s ahead!

*NOTE: I’m finally on Instagram, so CLICK HERE to follow.

Many of you know that I’m a proud Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador. I use and love their Mariposa pack. I wrote an article for Gossamer Gear on Navigating the Mental Trail. It’s a thorough explanation of my strategies and techniques for keeping the mental edge while out on trail for an extended period of time. The mental aspect is always a work in process, but having hiked over 8,000mi, I’ve definitely come up with some good ones…Enjoy! Click the photo or link above to read the complete article.

Click the photo or link above to read the complete article, “Navigating the Mental Trail.”

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