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Erin ‘Wired’ Saver
Erin 'Wired' Saver

Location: Portland, OR USA
Occupation: Substitute Teacher

Hi readers! My name is Erin Saver. This journal began in April of 2011, when I started my first long distance thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. I had dreamed of doing a thru hike after I retired, but then I realized I don’t have to wait. I’m relatively young (now 39yrs old), healthy, and my job as a substitute teacher and evening nanny gives me the freedom to hike for months at a time. I originally planned to hike with a friend on the PCT, but that didn’t work out, so I ended up going solo and loving the independence of it.

Before long, I became known as “Wired” due to my energy, little need for sleep, and timely blogging while on the trail. I was most inspired to do the PCT by the online journals I read. That is why I decided to create this journal and share it with family and friends. It became the most amazing surprise of the whole hike when the journal caught on and spread quickly worldwide to become one of the most recognized blogs in thru hiking. It has changed my world and the trail has become home to me.

I have become hooked on thru hiking and am now a Triple Crowner (hikers who have completed the PCT, AT, and CDT). I plan to continue hiking for 4-6 months each year somewhere in the world (I’ve now hiked 15,000mi of trail) and journal daily on my thru hikes…and sporadically in between to keep everyone updated. I also give very entertaining and informative presentations, so if you are interested in having me speak, contact me. I look forward to sharing the journey with everyone!

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Podcast Interviews:

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Total Miles Hiked

Long Trails Completed Thus Far…

2011 Pacific Crest Trail
2012 West Coast Trail (Canada)
2012 John Muir Trail
2012 Teton Crest Trail
2013 Continental Divide Trail
2014 Appalachian Trail
2014 Long Trail (Vermont)
2015 Hayduke Trail
2015 Tahoe Rim Trail
2015 Lost Coast Trail
2015 Great Divide Trail (Canada)
2016 Sierra High Route
2016 High Sierra Trail
2016 Wind River High Route
2016 Kings Canyon High Basin Route
2016 Wonderland Trail
2016 Larapinta Trail (Australia)
2016 Bibbulmun Track (Australia)
2016 Cape To Cape Track (Australia)
2016/17 Te Araroa (New Zealand)
2017 Overland Track (Australia)
2017 South Coast Track (Australia)
2017 Haute Route Pyrenees
2017 GR5 (French Alps)

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