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About The LT: July 2nd-7th, August 8th-15th

I did Vermont’s Long Trail the same year that I hiked the Appalachian Trail. This densely wooded backcountry trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the United States and runs the full length of Vermont ending at the Canadian border. I couldn’t resist doing it while I was already so close to it and in condition. Since the first ~100mi of the Long Trail overlaps with the AT, you’ll see that those journal entries overlap with my AT journal. Immediately after completing the AT, I returned to where the two trails split to complete the remaining 173mi of the LT to the Canadian border. I’ve put the entries in order by days on the LT to make it easier to navigate. This stands as my least favorite thru-hike to date due to the terrain, weather, and limited scenic views. I’m glad I did it while I was nearby, but I recommend other trails for those limited in vacation time to hike.

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 12lbs. 13.2oz.

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Vermont’s Long Trail (273mi)

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